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Emberblaze By The River

Here’s a drawing I made of one of my OCs, Emberblaze! She’s from a Scratch roleplay. If you don’t know, OC stands for original character. She’s a RiverClan warrior cat I made up. Emberblaze has long, silky, ginger tabby fur and yellow eyes. She’s ambitious, brave, fast and a skilled hunter and fisher. I’ve recently been working on some cat-drawing skills, and I’m really proud of this!

I think I can definitely say I’ve improved on drawing tabby patterns and shading. I also worked on drawing water. I’ve discovered it’s good to put in many different shades of color, and then on top of that just faint bits of whatever color the rest of the scene is. For example, I put some green beside the grassy shore. Another thing I did was add Emberblaze’s reflection in the water, by duplicating her, flipping her upside down, then squishing it down and erase parts. Then I change the opacity to make it faint. I tried using a new technique for her fur to give it a silky look.

First, I drew the line art in Adobe Illustrator Draw, then transferred it to Adobe Illustrator Sketch. Adobe Illustrator Sketch has some good brushes which I used to make her fur look softer, instead of the hard, sharp look you usually get in Adobe Illustrator Draw. Just a little tip for other artists out there working on fur. I hope you guys enjoy!

Just a drawing of my OC, Emberblaze


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