Amigurumi Teddy Bear

I added a scarf to the bear with a simple half-double crochet pattern.

Finally…last, but certainly not least, is this little bear, which I made for my cousin Milo. The free pattern can be found on I made a couple changes to the original pattern, including the addition of a tail (because, as many patterns forget bears have tails!). My grandma had some jingle bells left over from a previous project, and suggested that I put one inside, because Milo (being 2 years old) might like the sound. With the bell surrounded by stuffing inside the bear’s belly, the sound is somewhat muted, and sounds more like a rattle, but I think it’s pretty cute.

Without the scarf

I also thought that adding a scarf would make it look a little more complete, so I made up a quick half-double crochet scarf this morning. Apparently it was a good idea, because later when my other cousin Maggie saw it, she asked for a scarf for her elephant! I was able to crochet a light pink one in about 10-15 minutes, and it turned out really adorable! Now I have 2 more requests from her brothers to make scarves for their wolf and triceratops. Well, I’m glad to see that they liked it!

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