The Super Potato Kittens

Hey, everyone! Remember how I said that I am writing a book? Well, here’s an excerpt from the first chapter of “The Super Potato Kittens.” This book is co-written by Gwen Richards.

Part One: Midnight

Chapter One: Every Story Has A Beginning…     

Every story has a beginning, and, unlike many happy beginnings, ours starts in an old shelter. Inside a small enclosure, my world was cold and dark. I huddled closer to my mother, who gently licked me. The cold was gone. That moment was perfect, I knew I could never forget it. The warmth of my mother. Her soft fur. The squirming of my fellow kitten siblings. No matter what happened, I could always go back to that moment.

A few days later, my eyes and ears opened. This, too, was an unforgettable moment. The world had suddenly gone from dark and quiet to bright and full of new sounds. The first thing I saw was my mother, Willow, a beautiful queen with big hazel eyes and a calico coat. I stared into those kind eyes for a minute. She nuzzled me with her pink nose, her white muzzle pressing close to my own. I started mewing with laughter, and rolled over. Now, turned away from my mother, I found that my littermates were mostly calico and tortoiseshell. Soon, with my new eyes, I realized I was… different.

“A kit with a coat as dark as the midnight sky,” my mother had always said. That’s why I was called Midnight. But I had never left the shelter, and from there, all I could see above me was the peeling, white plastic ceiling above my den. I longed to see the sky.

I looked away from my mother and tried to stand up and inspect my strange surroundings. I toppled over, landing on my face. I staggered and eventually gained control over my four tiny legs. Now, my tail was another story. The thing was always running away! I would turn around, only to find it gliding further and further from my nose!  

Soon, my mother told me to eat “real” food. Whatever that was. I had to go from warm milk to hard, cold, tasteless kibble. But after a while, I realized I had to eat it. After all, it was my only food source now. Not too long later, I found myself and my littermates surviving on small amounts of food, about a bowl a day, for all of us to share. The workers were young people who seemed not to care about our well being.

They didn’t seem to realize that an entire litter ate a whole lot more than just one queen. Even with the unfortunate circumstances, we managed to survive, and even find happiness along the way.

I will post more from the book later, and I hope you enjoyed! 😀