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Dovewing I guess? For Wolfjay4’s Fanfiction

So here’s yet another drawing for Wolfjay4’s fanfiction. I’m pretty proud of this one. Today I discovered the blend tool and kind of went crazy with it, making the fur look super soft. I started drawing and decided it looked like Dovewing, so yeah. Maybe it’s Twigbranch. Idk, whatever, but here ya go, Wolfie. It’s art. (Those eyes are sO BIG lol) Drawn with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.

2 replies on “Dovewing I guess? For Wolfjay4’s Fanfiction”

If you’d check, you’d see these comments. Because you have great ideas and I love your work. I enjoy it, every single time I look at it. Did you know I was once BERY artistic, but the Russians…

Thank you so much! I’ll try to post and check my comments more often. And I’m so sorry about those Russians. LOL

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