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Jurassic World

Last Thursday I saw the new movie Jurassic World. It was pretty good. In Jurassic World a new dinosaur, the indominus rex,  was created by the popular theme park.  Indiominus is genetically  designed to be bigger, meaner, and smarter than any other dinosaur. She escapes and terrorizes the park.  The movie is about the characters trying to stop her. After seeing it, I was inspired to  draw these.


Jurassic World logo


indominus rex!


tyrannosaurus rex


velociraptor – Blue

7 replies on “Jurassic World”

You are awesome! Nate accidentally hit to watch Jurrasic World the other night! Uncle Landon was watching it and fell asleep. Nate snuck out of bed and watched the rest! I’ll show him your drawings tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll love them!

Arya, I saw that movie on TV last week. I think you’ve described it well. I like Chris Pratt in adventure movies like this and Guardians of the Galaxy. Your artwork keeps getting better! Plus, I like that you’re describing your inspiration for the art. Keep up the good art!

What awesome artwork! You have such talent Arya. I can’t wait to see more. Keep them coming!

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