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Girl with Turtleneck – Artist Collab

Left side by me, right side by Makayla

Yesterday, one of my friends had the idea for a collaboration drawing—one where we each drew half of the face. I thought this sounded like a great thing to try out, so we both started a drawing and then switched sketchbooks. The one in the picture is the piece that she started, with her half on the right and mine on the left. 

Since our styles differ so much, there were a couple of issues that occurred, but most were minor. I tried to match up features at the correct heights as best I could, but because of our stylistic differences, that resulted in the anatomy of my side looking a little bit…off.

Regardless, I think this was a really beneficial practice for me! I rarely draw close-up portraits of people, and I line and color my pieces even less often than that. By doing this, I got to explore drawing faces in closer detail, and I think I improved the way I draw facial features and hair quite a bit! I’ve also decided I should try using different mediums more often, rather than limiting myself to pencil. I think the lining and color turned out really nice in this drawing, and I’d like to experiment more with them.

Makayla still has my sketchbook, but I’ll make sure to post the other drawing once I get it back tomorrow.

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[…] The other day, a friend of mine came up with an idea for a collaboration where we each make half of a drawing and then switch sketchbooks. Then, we complete the other person’s drawing. This is the one that I started in my sketchbook, and she finished. I think that it turned out really nicely! To see the other half of our collaboration, click here. […]

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